Tobacco Garden Campground – North Dakota

By | August 15, 2017

Five reasons to visit Tobacco Garden Campground (North Dakota)

By Anthony N

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Those who love camping probably need no introduction to the campground at Tobacco Garden because they might know this destination well. Other folks, however will need at least five reasons to visit Tobacco Garden Campground.

Bring the family pet
For many people camping is not fun without their pets. Usually finding a destination that accepts pets is difficult to find. Tobacco Garden however is run by a family who understands that their guests feel very attached to their pets and would never conceive leaving them behind, as they’re part of the family.

To experience a rustic lifestyle
Probably rustic is not the right word to use here, but rather primitive. Worry not, because several types of lodging are offered not only primitive as you can choose one of the 2 log cabins instead. Either way, you will not be completely cut off from civilization if this is not on your agenda.

To attend a festival
Finding entertainment is something that puts many folks off from camping. While spending your days at the Tobacco Garden you could be lucky to have some festival going on you could go observe. Some of the best festivals are the End of Summer Bash and the Tobacco Gardens Fall Fishing Classic.

To be charitable
As odd as this may sound like, you can take part in a competition whose organizers donate all proceed to the Rugged West Relay for Life. This event takes place in January and is called “Catch for a Cure” Ice Fishing Tournament.

To eat
Food is reason of concerns when being away from home. This campsite serves all the meals of the day, but you can also go for a picnic in the designated areas. All the dishes are prepared here, therefore you can be certain they are healthy and delicious. Make sure to ask about the specials.