Top 10 places to visit in El Cajon – California

By | March 11, 2017

El Cajon is a city surrounded by mountains and as such, it received the nickname of The Big Box. The name of the city is of Spanish origin and means the same thing. Next, you can learn about some of the interesting places to see in the city.

Taylor Guitars
Those who need to buy an acoustic guitar should definitely come to Taylor Guitars as this is US number one manufacturer of such instruments. The company started in 1974 and it pretty much followed the well known pattern of the American dream.

The Water Conservation Garden
The main purpose of this garden is to teach its visitors about what they can do to help the plants during the drought season. Educational programs, visits and workshops are all available here for those who want to learn more.

Parkway Plaza Mall
This mall offers several ways to relax with its more than 160 department stores. Movie goers or those in search for something to eat can surely stop by this mall to satisfy their needs. As surprising as it may, even Walmart is present here.

Wieghorst Western Heritage Center
This museum showcases the history or the area, specifically that involving cowboys. The Wieghorst paintings and memorabilia are the museum’s main attraction, but there are other Western stuff as well. This museum used to be a house, and the tour lasts about 1 hour and a half.

Burning Beard Brewing
There are three things guests of this brewery like about the location: the nice selection of beers, crafted or not, the food truck outside as well as the staff’s friendliness. Is there anything else to ask for?

Sycuan Casino
This casino operates 24/7 and it offers a good way to relax at the end of a stressful day. There are many games installed on the machines the casino owns, including the old favorites Blackjack and Poker. Players can choose between the slot machines or the old fashioned table games.

Heritage of the Americas Museum
This is a rather interesting museum as most of the exhibits have a story behind and you can actually learn something. The staff is also helpful and friendly, therefore the experience will be rather fun.

Spa 33
If you’re searching for a massage or a place to get pampered, then you found it. Spa 33 even has a few saunas for those who want to sweat without much effort. Sometimes, you can even go for last minutes sessions, though calling in advance is preferred.

Air Group One – Commemorative Air Force Museum
This museum is one that even the youngsters might like visiting. If all you ever wanted was to fly a WWII Warbird, then this might be your first and only chance to do so. You’ll fly over the historic San Diego, and receive various memorabilia of the experience.

Summers Past Farms
Locals come here for many things: finding a special gift, participating in various workshops, getting married visiting the gardens, or learning about various plants. Even if you visit out of curiosity, you will still have fun.