Top 10 places to visit in Lakeland – Florida

By | April 3, 2017

If you want to know which are the top 10 places to visit in Lakeland, Florida, read on for a list. You will find many activities to do here, and the main attractions are something worth exploring. Lakeland is a paradise for anyone who visits Florida for the first time.

Circle B Bar Reserve
If you want to experience some of the state’s best natural places, check out the reserve. Your mind will be blown by the beauty of this place, and the lush vegetation here cannot be matched by any other similar garden.

Hollis Garden
Are you looking for a place to have a photo session? In that case, go to the Hollis Garden. The garden offers a lot of natural beauty, and the exotic flowers available here make it the perfect location for a party.

Florida Southern College Frank Lloyd Wright Visitors Center
If you are a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, don’t miss out on the chance to see how he lived with a visit here. You will also get to see exhibits, memorabilia and other items that belonged to Wright.

Lake Mirror
Although not big, Lake Mirror is worth a trip. Here you can enjoy fishing or swimming, but also simply take a morning or sunset walk. The Lake is also the place where you can engage in bird watching.

Common Ground Park
If you want to see a beautiful park, head over to the Common Ground Park. This amazing park provides kid related attractions even adults can enjoy, but also green spots for a picnic. The park is located downtown and easy to reach.

Joker Marchant Stadium
Maybe you want to see a game, and in that case go to the Joker Stadium. The stadium is famous all over the area, and it includes a restaurant and bar where you can have something to eat after the game.

Lake Morton
If you want to have lunch in a nice setting and watch the view, go to the Lake Morton. The lake is also the right spot to see beautiful swans and other birds on the lake. Plus, you can even go fishing here.

Safari Wilderness
Maybe you want to have an adventure, and in that case check out a Safari trip. You will get to see the most amazing wildlife in the area, and experience some thrills with your friends. Furthermore, the tours are affordable for anyone.

Lake Hollingsworth
Whenever you want to take a long walk, head over to the Lake Hollingsworth. You can take a romantic walk with your significant other, and have some fun enjoying the natural surrounding.

The Florida Air Museum at Sun ‘n Fun
If you want to have some fun but also learn new things, you should check out The Florida Air Museum. You will be taken on a helicopter tour here, and also get to see some more of this amazing region. The fees are affordable even for big families, so you should consider this attraction when you are in town.