Two Hearts Inn – Oklahoma

By | August 15, 2017

The name of this inn will surely inspire and bring some romance into your life, even if for a few hours or nights. These five reasons to visit Two Hearts Inn (Oklahoma) will surely be enough to spark anyone’s curiosity about this destination.

For your honeymoon
Newlyweds are always in search for a chic, romantic, or luxurious room to spent their honeymoon in. Two Hearts Inn seems to meet all these requirements. Many couples also choose to have their wedding night here before heading to other destinations for their honeymoon.

Choose the room style
Most inns and hotels use the same decorating style for all their rooms. Two Hearts Inn uses different interior design for each of their suites. You should check out the black and white room also called Suite Chic or the Suite Island that has a bamboo floor and a palm tree by the tub.

To attend some event
Two Hearts Inn is located in Edmond, OK a city that host several events throughout the year. Most of them are seasonal and attract many visitors from all over the state and beyond. If you happen to be in town at the time of any event, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity of checking it out.

Playing golf
There are only 2 sports that currently are associated with luxury, and even with romance. These sports are tennis and golf. The KickingBird Golf Club is waiting for anyone who likes this sport to come and try out its 18 hole course.

Relax in the park
Edmond City has several parks available for everyone – residents or visitors. Some parks are family friendly with activities for each family member regardless their age. Other parks hosts music festivals, concerts, and some even turn into an outdoor movie theater. With a little luck, you will even learn something new in the parks in which various classes are taught.