Van Hook Territorial Inn – North Dakota

By | August 15, 2017

There are quite a lot of people out there who want to have a special place to retreat to for the weekend to get from it all. Some of them have a hard time finding this place, but you might just be lucky after reading these five reasons to visit Van Hook Territorial Inn (North Dakota).

To play some golf
If you want to have some fun, or to simply improve your golfing skills you should pay a visit to the course found at Riverdale Golf Course. This golf club is near the Van Hook Territorial Inn.

To go fishing
There are many good fishing spots on the Lake Sakakawea especially if you want to catch big pretty walleyes. To make the best of your fishing trip you better join a guided fishing tour. The professionals guiding you are locals and know the lake like the back of their palm.

To go hiking
If you really like nature, but would prefer the smell of grass and trees, better to go on a hike. The North Country National Scenic Trail seems to be a popular choice for everyone coming in this area to relax. You can also check out the Lake Sakakawea State Park for more hiking options.

To learn more history
There is no better way of learning more about the past than by visiting a historical site. The one you have easy access to while lodging at the Van Hook Territorial Inn is the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site. This place is perfect to bring the kids for some summer fun.

Go see the wildlife refuge
All animal lovers should pay a visit to the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge. They will have the chance of seeing most of the North America’s waterfowl and migratory birds because this is where most of it comes to breed. This area offers a perfect habitat for the survival of these birds.