Varsity Clubs Of America-South Bend – Indiana

By | August 15, 2017

If your kid studies in Mishawaka, Indiana, then you should probably pay him or her a visit from time to time. Keep on reading for extra 5 reasons we should go to Varsity Clubs Of America-South Bend (Indiana) in case you have no kids that go to college.

If you want to swim
Maybe a water park has more attractions for water lovers, but an indoor pool that can turn into an outdoor pool is hard to find. Additionally there is also an indoor hot tub for those who want to simply relax and soak in water.

If you want to fish or sail
Other water related activities are sailing and fishing. The city of Mishawaka is located near the St Joseph River that offers many fishing spots. Additionally there are several parks with lakes where you can take part in these activities.

If you want to play some sports
The location has courts for basketball and for Bocce ball. Near the hotel, the guests can play tennis, volleyball, or even ice-skate at the Merrifield Park. Clearly these sports will test your various abilities while offering a really effective way of unwinding.

If you want to visit an unique museum
Of course, the museums are not on-site, but at a short distance. The Otis R. Bowen Museum can be found at the Bethel College. This museum hosts memorabilia from his time as an Indiana governor, a copy of the Otis Bowen bust, and other items related to him.

If you really want to relax
Many people relax by not doing anything. However there is nothing that helps us relax more than a massage. Stiff muscles are just as stressful as a difficult day in the office and don’t allow the body to get enough rest at night. The locations offering massage and other Spa services are near the hotel, within 5 miles.