Visit New York Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

By | June 15, 2017

It is well known that the Las Vegas Strip will take you on a tour around the world, while offering the best gambling and entertainment options. The New York New York Hotel in Vegas has mobile check in, making this process much more easy and convenient. Let’s have a look at the top five reasons why you should stop by.

You can help the environment
New York New York Hotel in Vegas has not only committed to become a Greener place by recycling, energy conservation, and other actions, but it also received several award for its efforts. There are many things which can be recycled, and this hotel did its best to conform. It recycled cooking oil, glass, linen, towels, and more. What’s more, the staff gets continuous education on Green Programs and initiatives. The guests have the possibility of using socially conscious products and are using Bio friendly and bio degradable products.

There is a spa
It is generally recommended that you book your session, and it might be best to do so when you book your room, for a discount. The basic services include facial treatments and body massages, but to make the best of your experience, you better get a package to include them both. If you’re a guy and you also want to improve your appearance, or to simply relax, you can check out the services specially designed for a man’s skin ad needs.

You can lounge by the pool
Water lovers can take advantage of the pool that is large enough to swim or lounge in or by it. You have the option to rent cabanas or to even request a massage by the pool side. If you want more from your access to the pool, consider getting a special package that includes two lounge chairs, unlimited water to drink, and three fruit juice bottles in an ice bucket to keep them cool for a longer period of time. Upgrading this basic package can bring you a umbrella, and other services.

Ride the roller-coaster
Roller coasters aren’t for the faint of heart, or those who are scared of heights or high speeds. The Big Apple Coaster is designed to take you on a really fast ride, complete with 180 degrees twists, loops, and plunges. You’ll most likely feel like your heart will skip a beat or two, but if you love the thrill, you have to be on this ride. Most passes will grant you with day-log entries, so you can take advantage of the roller coaster.

Play or learn how to play golf
The roller coaster can be too exciting for some, and they might prefer something more relaxed and safe instead. While golf can also make your heart pound, you’ll most likely feel safer as you’ll be on the ground. The golf course is not on the premise of the hotel, but near it. There are in fact three courses to choose from, and all are beautifully designed and challenging enough for anyone of any skill level.